Are you shopping for motorcycle insurance or auto insurance in Calgary? While there are many offers to choose from, you might want to consider the incentives offered by several reputable insurance providers in your area. Below are some important factors that play a role when applying for either auto or motorcycle insurance.

Things You Can Do To Reduce Your Auto Insurance in Calgary

Most insurance companies offer incentives with the objective of helping drivers reduce their auto insurance premium rates while reducing their risk of providing insurance. Here are tips to help you take advantage of the incentives provided by car insurance companies:

  1. The installation of an anti-theft system

Crime is a sad reality for the residents of Calgary. By installing steering wheel locks and other anti-theft devices, insurance companies may offer discounts on your auto insurance in Calgary as an incentive.

  1. Use of winter tires

Winter tires give your car better traction and make your driving experience even safer in subzero conditions. Therefore, some auto insurance providers reward the drivers who fit winter tires to their cars. Even so, the discount varies and might not apply before you renew your policy.

iii.  Bundle several insurance policies

Bundling several insurance policies under a single provider allows you to benefit by getting major savings. Depending on your insurance provider, you could easily get as much as 15% discounted off your bundled premiums when you combine auto insurance and home insurance with the same company.

  1. Insure Multiple Cars

If you have several vehicles, you could potentially save on the premiums, especially if you choose to insure your vehicles with one provider.

Motorcycle Insurance

Quality motorcycle insurance is a vital component to your riding enjoyment, especially if you like to ride your bike frequently. However, some riders only apply for the insurance during riding season. If you wish to protect yourself, then it is extremely beneficial to apply for coverage even during the off-season. Discover the following factors that play a major role in the overall cost of your premiums.

  1. Just like vehicles, the make, model, and year of manufacture influence the premiums you pay for the insurance. Highly priced, premium bikes cost more to insure than the lower priced motorcycles.
  2. If you’re applying for motorcycle insurance for the first time, it is imperative that you complete your training program at a recognized institution to help lower the cost of your premiums. Besides lowering your insurance costs, you do it for safety purposes, as well.
  3. During the off-season periods, consider storing your motorcycle securely, such as in your garage. It is highly recommended that you add storage policy in the winter season. The policy will protect your bike when you’re not riding it.
  4. Before you install aftermarket parts, you should check with your motorcycle insurance provider. Not all insurance companies offer coverage on the regular plan, but most will have a plan for added coverage if you need it.

As you shop for your ideal motorcycle insurance policy or auto insurance in Calgary, be sure to check out the rates and incentives offered by the potential providers.

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