The process of appealing any property tax assessment is not an easy one, and if you do not know what to do and what is needed at every stage, you will be greatly disadvantaged. To avoid the hassle and increase your chances of having a successful appeal, you should enlist the services of professional tax consultants. They have a good understanding of the tax laws and will advise you and represent you in your appeal case.

If you want to appeal your property tax assessment in Toronto, you will find renowned property tax consulting companies that can help. Having a lot of experience in managing different property tax complaints, the seasoned tax consultants at these companies can help you through every step of the property tax evaluation, management and disputing. This will, in turn, enable you to save a lot in taxes. Their services cover:

  1. Residential Property


Ideally, the tax amount you are supposed to pay on your residential property is arrived at by multiplying your property’s assessment with the municipal tax rate. A higher property assessment value or tax rate therefore means you will pay more in taxes. However, if you feel that the Property Assessment Notice sent from MPAC does not reflect the true value of your residential property, a reputable Ontario property tax appeal company can help you dispute it.

  1. Multi-residential Property


Operating or owning any multi-family property has its own challenges and how you handle them can determine how profitable the property will be. Since taxes are a major expense on any multi-residential property, tax consultants can work with you to ensure that these taxes are significantly reduced. The specialists at a Toronto property tax appeal company can handle everything, including:

  1. Analyzing the cap rates for similar properties in the vicinity
  2. Correcting the MPAC data
  3. Establishing the actual performance of your asset
  4. Providing comprehensive market data analysis
  5. Negotiating the changes
  6. Representing you before the Assessment Review Board


  1. Commercial Property


If you are the owner of a commercial property, keeping your costs down will enable you to get the greatest returns on your investment. To achievement this, you need to find ways of lowering your tax burden by ensuring that your property has been assessed accurately in accordance with the current market value. You also need to take advantage of the available tax incentives. By choosing a good Toronto property tax appeal company, you will have access to knowledgeable experts that will help you to avoid unnecessary pitfalls, inform you of the available tax incentives and even help you to appeal your property tax assessment.

These companies are also experienced in providing topnotch tax services relating to industrial properties. They have certified and licensed tax consultants that will help you manage all of your tax matters in a professional, reliable and cost-effective manner. If you are looking for an expert to help you handle all of your tax issues, a reputable Ontario property tax appeal company can meet your needs.

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